It’s Coming!

Friends, World Down Syndrome Day is coming!

Usually, I post about WDSD only once…on the actual date: 3.21

I have something extra special planned, something I’m so so so excited to share with you, which is part of the reason I’m starting the discussion early.*

*The end of this post reminds you of the second reason I’m doing so much preliminary sharing!


Many people know close to nothing about Down syndrome, let alone World Down Syndrome Day. So here’s a little information about this day and why it’s so important:

March 21st was purposefully selected for this day. The third month represents the uniqueness of the third copy of the 21st chromosome (otherwise known as Trisomy 21). This is the cause of Down syndrome. Beginning in 2012, the United Nations recognized 3.21 as a day of global recognition in order to raise awareness of Down syndrome.

Visit the World Down Syndrome Day website here.

Not only do I have something I’m eagerly waiting to share with you on the actual day, but I have something to share with you right now*! My brother, Justin, and his friend Jesse, highlighted Down syndrome awareness in two special episodes on their YouTube channel: Have You Ever Played? Their channel is for all the gamers out there interested in watching two friends play random video games** while humorously commenting on them.

*And, if you check it out, you might get a hint as to what my surprise is for WDSD.

**Very random video games, including, Mr. Bean’s Wacky World, Piglet’s Big Game, and my favorite, Bratz: The Movie.

What makes their Down syndrome awareness episodes extra awesome is that Jonathan* and yours truly are in them! Check out the current episode and visit their channel again on 3.21 for their WDSD episode!**

*Jonathan talks a little, but he also is the one playing the game during the episodes.

**And if you’re into gaming, subscribe to their channel!


This picture, that face, is everything

As you might recall, my other reason for spreading the love so soon is because I’m Racing for 3.21. I’ve geared up this non-runner body and am ready to complete my 3.21 miles bright and early on March 21st.

Visit my fundraising page to pledge your support.

Jon Swimming 2012 013

Because on WDSD I will not be posting a traditional post of pictures and information, here is a little list right now of what you can do on 3.21 to participate in spreading awareness:

  • Educate yourself with Down syndrome facts
  • End confusion by learning different Truths and Myths 
  • Share this information with others to spread awareness in your community
  • If you love someone with Down syndrome, share a selfie!
  • Pledge to End the Word and share your pledge on social media
  • Share this post, Have You Ever Played’s WDSD episodes, and other related links




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