Buy the Cup, Rocky Hill, NJ

Sometimes when I go on a Coffeehouse Adventure*, I find myself wandering a completely different track than expected.

*With the intent of finding the best coffee Jersey has to offer.

I’m going to leave you in suspense for a quick second while I reflect on just how long it has been since my last Coffeehouse Adventure post.

Two months, fifteen days.* Ridiculous.

*Technically, I posted in Coffeehouse Adventures days shy of a month ago, but it wasn’t a Jersey coffeehouse, so I’m not really counting it. You get me?

One might think the colder weather would bring about the want to venture out to different coffeehouses in search of the perfect elixir to warm my freezing bones.

Clearly, that has not been the case.

And I’m sorry. For you and me, but mostly for me.


While making a much needed run to The Gingered Peach, I tossed in a stop at a new-to-me coffeehouse somewhat nearby*.

*I’m sure my definition of somewhat nearby is widely different from yours. For me, a twenty-minute drive is equal to an ordinary person’s five minute drive.

Most of the reviews for Buy the Cup praised this small coffee shop for its smooth tasting, organic coffee. There were several that raved about not only the well-priced, satisfying coffee, but also the tasty breakfast sandwiches.

What first struck me when we entered, aside from the bright and beautiful orange walls, was the conscious product choice displayed throughout. In addition to serving Boar’s Head deli meats, they also sold Boar’s Head jerky, snack packs, hummus, and more. Cliff Bars and Nature’s Bakery fig bars lined the wall, and then my eyes met with the log of pork roll in the refrigerator and I knew this place was a winner.


Premade egg sandwiches sat in a warming display. Having already drooled over the log of pork roll, I knew the pork roll, egg, and cheese was for me.*

*I’m sure you’re noting here that we had already made a bakery stop. This was a Saturday, and on weekends, we live life to the fullest.

This stop was a reminder of the glorious, mouthwatering, delight that is Jersey pork roll. It’s easy to take for granted something that your state is not only famous for, but also battles continuously over in name and brand*.

*I mean, we have a Pork Roll Festival, people.

I was so enraptured by the pork roll, the orange walls screaming for my attention, and the Boar’s Head products and other health conscious choices throughout the store, that I almost completely forgot our reason for being there.

Look at those perfectly thin slices of pork roll!

I ordered a latte and, though it was delicious, I realized later I should have tried one of their many varieties of self-serve coffee. That day, the roasts included Colombian, Brazil, French vanilla, mocha coconut, and hazelnut.

While waiting for our coffees, I learned their beans come from Shade Tree Roasters in Texas. At first, I thought it was a clever brand name, but as I looked into the company, I discovered ‘shade grown’ refers to coffee plants grown under old growth trees. The coffee plant then grows in the shade of these trees creating not only a better environment, but also, a better cup of coffee.


I’ll be back soon to try a cup of coffee and to scoop up another pork roll, egg, and cheese.

Buy the Cup
130 Washington St
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553


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