Is it ‘Photo Worthy’?

I recently realized that I took part of my Fall Want To List deeply to heart…perhaps a little too deeply.

In trying to censor myself from becoming one of those people who spends more time documenting things than enjoying them, I lost the drive to weigh moments as ‘photo worthy’ or ‘not photo worthy’.

While on one hand, I suppose it is a good thing that I’ve been choosing to enjoy every moment sans photographs, on another hand, a picture is worth a thousand words. And on a blog, most people peace out after only about 300 words*, making pictures kind of crucial.

*Which stinks for someone like me who is full of them.

So this past week, I tried to be a little conscious of photo worthy moments.

Like this light fixture that ordinarily I would have gazed at, sighing, “I want it”, while knowing deep down it was far too rustic for Hubby’s taste.

P.S. Google: “mason jar chandelier” and you’ll see similar light fixtures I’ve been dreaming about for years.


A box full of treats from my favorite bakery certainly was photo worthy:


See that little heart in the bottom right corner? Cheesecake. It was new and it was heavenly and I want more.

I’ve been playing around with stuffed breads. I was inspired from a recipe I made years ago that had sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan rolled up inside. I recently made it again and a light bulb went off. I decided to try making my own garlic bread quattro formaggio like that of my favorite little pizza joint.*

*Which I’m just now realizing I’ve never posted about….probably because I want to keep it a secret.**

**Just playing.***

***Or am I?

This little beauty has provolone, Asiago, Parmesan, and mozzarella hidden inside.


It’s not quite right yet, but the experimenting has still been delicious.

Oh yeah, and fresh pasta:


This came from our first batch of linguine. We froze the extra and it turned out quite nicely tossed in my favorite alfredo sauce.

As part of my usual Tuesday cooking with Jonathan, we decided to make banana chocolate chip cupcakes from my absolute favorite baking book.


Can you guess what job Jonathan was given?

I am not a banana person. I eat them once in a while because they are healthy and filling, but the flavor of banana in candy or baked goods does not excite me.

These cupcakes though?

They excite me.

Leading me to a rather tough decision the following day at breakfast:


Can you guess which one I chose?

P.S. Is anyone surprised that pretty much all of these photos are food related?


2 thoughts on “Is it ‘Photo Worthy’?

  1. I randomly found through the hashish #whyblog on instagram. Gotta love the internet rabbit hole! Love your sentiments about blogging and social media. Thanks for writing!


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