Life Put into Perspective

This is a park we stumbled upon in Boston:


Blink and you would have missed it.

I actually wasn’t totally convinced it was a park until I saw this sign:


“Park Closes at Dusk”

Even then I laughed to myself at the absurdity of such a small park. It reminded me of the episode of Parks & Rec where Leslie Knope creates the smallest park ever.

I’m pretty sure this park was equal in size.

The more I thought about this little park with seating for six shaded by a rather large tree, bountiful in well-kept flowers and surrounded by a sturdy wrought iron fence, I began to put it into perspective of its greater surroundings.* After taking a moment to connect it with the tightly packed buildings that surrounded, I realized that for that little slice of Boston, this was a park. This was their park. This was the place that the person who craves some time outdoors goes to soak in fresh air, the place that friends go to enjoy their breakfast sandwiches from Mike and Patty’s across the street, and the place where people with the weight of the world on their shoulders go to clear their minds. I went from thinking, “Why bother?” to “Why not?”

*Alright, let’s be real, Hubby initially put it into perspective for me.

I feel like with everything going on in our world today, we could all use a little perspective. We are so quick to judge the driving force behind others that we forget perhaps one of the most important behaviors we should continually practice towards others: Empathy. Perhaps if we allow ourselves to keep each moment, each interaction, each thought we have towards the rest of our world in perspective, we might learn something, grow a little, and become better human beings.


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