Followed by Game of Thrones

Our New England road trip has long gone now, and I’ve finally run out of things to share with you.

To which you are either incredibly relieved or slightly disappointed, I’m not sure.

Even so, one item remains to be shared due to my own certainty of a conspiracy in the air regarding its subject matter.

That subject matter is: Game of Thrones.

Now friends, I warn you, if you are not a Game of Thrones fan, this post will not mean much, though I urge you to become one today! If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may tilt your head in curiosity for that which I am about to share.

The New England states seem to be crowded with Game of Thrones references. They followed us at so very many turns, that it was Hubby who stated, “You need to write a blog post about all these places we’ve seen with Game of Thrones names”.

I see it as a rude taunting. Like the universe knows we are on the edge of our seats for the newest episodes/books, so it continues to throw these subtle reminders at us.

Last February, in Stowe, we shopped at Winterfell…


…but, spoiler alert, it was closed when we return this fall.

I’m hoping this isn’t some kind of sign for the fate of Winterfell in the books.*

*Though we may never know based on the publication schedule of the forthcoming books.

While in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we found RiverRun*…


And then, while in Burlington, VT, we discovered Crow Bookshop…


And, I’ll also point out, that while in PEI we encountered an abnormal amount of…


…you guessed it. Crows.

When we were back home and I was going through all the brochures and pamphlets I grabbed during our travels, I found this:


…and while it would have been better reversed, I still count it as one in a slew of Game of Thrones related places and things that followed us during our trip.

I’ll keep you posted should I discover anymore.


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