How to Cure Hiccups

Nope, this isn’t a clever title meant to relate the hiccups to some mind blowing life lesson.

It is, however, a post that will eliminate aggravation, free your mind, and change your life.*

*Which is pretty much the same as a mind blowing life lesson because, let’s be real, the hiccups are brutal.

We’ve all grown up with the classic hiccups ‘cures’, e.g.: drinking a glass of water, holding your breath, being frightened…and none of these methods have a very high success rate.

Once my sister-in-law was suffering a vicious fit of the hiccups. I watched as she leaned forward so her head was upside down and my mother-in-law held a glass of water by her face for her to drink.

That was their trick.

To me it seemed pretty complicated, not to mention it depended on have a second person in the room to help.

The method that has been tried and true in my family dates so far back I don’t even know who deserves the credit. While it does not guarantee that the hiccups won’t peek their pesky head out later in the day, it has a 100 percent success rate of stopping them dead in their tracks.

It amazes me the number of people I share this method with who have never heard of it. I have taught it to my students, coworkers, and even random people on the street. It’s a surefire method that the world needs to know!

Hence why I decided to share it with you today.


How to cure the hiccups:

  1. Fill a cup with water
  2. Place a straw in the cup
    • Note: Any size straw will do, however, I prefer the standard size.
  3. Cover your ears.
    • I put a little pressure on my ear opening so that sound is muffled. Jon, as you can see from the picture, just covers his ears.
  4. Drink the water through the straw without stopping for a breath. I try to drink the entire glass, but half a glass should do the trick.
  5. Goodbye, hiccups!


You too can cure the world of hiccups. Share this with a hiccup sufferer today.



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