my little cupcake, Burlington, VT

This weekend, we made fresh pasta. Being only our first time, the final verdict has yet to be made, but we are pretty excited about it. The process is far easier than that of gnocchi, and the Kitchen Aid pasta attachment makes everything run fairly smooth.

As we worked, I kept thinking about how the pasta roller was like a mini version of a sheeter–a commercial dough roller that makes rolling croissant dough as easy as rolling pasta dough.*

*And priced at about ten times the price of a Kitchen Aid pasta attachment.

That got me to thinking about baking and baking got me to thinking* about a little cupcake shop we visited while we were in Vermont.

*I was a big fan of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book series as a child.


As we walked about Burlington, Vermont this past fall, a natural need* for baked goods arrived.

*Any one who might argue that desiring baked goods at any given point in the day is not a natural need should probably stop reading now.**

**Unless you want to learn about the psyche of a baked good loving fiend like myself.

We had a few options before us, but the bright colors and mini delights of ‘my little cupcake’ drew us in.

Many have commented to me that they think the cupcake phase is dying down, however, I have to disagree. I think the game is changing, but it certainly is not dying. We had our first experience with a very mini cupcake shop in NYC a few years ago and I remember initially thinking that mini cupcakes simply wouldn’t cut it. They wouldn’t be able to stand up against a traditional cupcake.

Boy, was I wrong.

Look at these beauties…


Trust me. Mini cupcakes are in…and they make life so much better.

I’m going to start by pointing out the obvious. In the above picture we have six different flavors with what I’m guessing is around the same calorie count of two traditional sized cupcakes.

Getting to try more flavors with less stress on my thighs?

Sounds like winning to me.


‘my little cupcake’ not only makes a point to partner with local vendors for their ingredients, but their staff members are pretty attentive and helpful with crazy customers like myself. Not only was I assisted in choosing a few flavors, but when Lance dropped two of our bitty sized beauties on the way to our seats, they were immediately replaced for us*.

*Lucky for him. I stared at them lying helplessly on the floor as if I had just lost a good friend.

I love that a bite-sized treat can pack so much flavor…and there wasn’t a single cupcake I didn’t enjoy! Since I’m not often a fruit fan, my favorite surprised me: Raspberry Chocolate.*

*That’s the one that looks like a purple ice cream sundae…cute and delicious, too.

my little cupcake
217 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401


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