Stowe, Vermont

I chose Stowe* for our Valentine’s Day getaway last year.

*If I’m being completely honest, when I first thought of Vermont, I searched for Pine Tree, Vermont with hopes that this fictional town from the movie White Christmas actually existed.


Stowe came across as my kind of town, and was consistently a place in Vermont reviewers raved about. It wasn’t until I began plotting out meals and other adventures that I realized the Trapp Family Lodge is located there, as well as, Ben and Jerry’s*.

*Alright, technically they are in Waterbury, right next to Stowe.

The weather conditions during our February trip were extreme, to say the least.


Yes, friends. That real feel is negative thirty-seven. In such temperatures, every drop of moisture on your body freezes, down to the moisture in your nose, jeans feel like leggings, and black ice is a very, real thing.

Yet, after experiencing the coldest weekend of my life, I left loving Stowe.


Knowing I wanted desperately to return, Hubby planned Stowe as the last stop in our New England states road trip*.

*Gosh, I love him.

The weather was much, much friendlier. Though the views were one my favorites with shades of autumn painted everywhere, I felt a slight longing for the winter wonderland of February.

But I could breathe easier, walk easier, and step from my car easier, so that I did enjoy.


In our travels, I fell in love with the different steeples that held a central focus of each town. Stowe was no different.


I’m not sure what exactly it is about Stowe, but it’s grabbed a hold of my heart. In freezing and warmer temperatures, I have loved it just the same. Having grown up surrounded by farmland, perhaps the open spaces and rolling mountains are what give me a comforting welcome home feel.

Of all the exotic and lovely places I have been, this is one that continues to call me back.


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