King Arthur Flour, Norwich, VT

My new little hobby of making croissants has made me overly interested in two things: butter and flour. I’ve learned that not all flours are equal and that a higher fat content in butter will yield a flakier croissant.

On the last day of our road trip, we took care of the butter…


…by stopping at Cabot to purchase 18 pounds of their high fat content, locally made sticks of goodness.

There was another stop we couldn’t fit in on our last trip to Stowe: King Arthur Flour.



Only an hour and half drive from Stowe, the King Arthur Flour flagship campus in Norwich offers enough to make even the novice baker a little giddy.

Their Baking Education Center not only has windows to peek in and see their bakers at work, but also holds traveling baking demo tours nationwide, as well as, demonstrations for middle school students. The Center itself has an extensive list of classes offered monthly…and I may or may not be working out the details to sign up for one in the near future.

Aside from the educational part of the campus, visitors can explore the King Arthur Cafe, as well as, the King Arthur Flour Store.


20160918_154344 20160918_164508



The history of King Arthur Flour dates back to 1790 when Henry Wood, of Henry Wood & Company, began importing high quality flour to the United States from Europe.

Thank goodness he did.

From this humble start, King Arthur Flour is now known as the oldest food company in our country and they are 100% employee owned.


Of course, we visited the store.

And, of course, I bought many, many, many things.


The cafe offers a wide assortment of baked delights, as well as, hot and cold beverages. When I checked out in the store, I signed up for their rewards program. Since I made such a large purchase, I immediately reached the points required to earn a $10 King Arthur coupon, along with a free coffee from the cafe for signing up.

20160918_154338 20160918_162637

Our treats from the cafe were divine. It’s funny how I have gone from rarely ordering croissants to now trying them everywhere I go.

Theirs was light, airy, flaky, and filled with buttery delight.

No bakers were baking while we were there. But if they had been, I might have stalked them out in hopes that I could catch a glimpse of their croissant making process.


Yes, I had to do it.

King Arthur Flour, Vermont Campus
135 US Route 5 South
Norwich, Vermont 05055


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