Stepping into Jurassic World

Being an only girl, I grew up watching more action movies than movies with a mouse serving as their mascot. I have vivid memories of Friday night movie time with my family in which Star Trek was the continued viewing choice.

Factor in that my Pop was also a major movie buff with a gravitation towards horror films, and I was bound to never be able to relate with girls of my age in the movie department.

I was eight when Jurassic Park came out. My dad took my older brother, Justin, to see it first. Then, he took Justin and me. Then, we went with a family from our church. Then, we went again, just the three of us. Then, when it was in the dollar theater, we saw it at least another two times, possibly more.

The fascination with this movie was as much in my father as it was in his children. There has never been another movie with which we shared such a fond memory.

Which made the two movies that followed a major, major letdown.

Jurassic World made up for that. From the eerie playing of the theme in the commercial, to the similar movie structure, the nostalgic feels brought me back to that little eight-year-old girl grasping at any chance to get to go to the movies to see this action-packed movie with her brother and father.


Needless to say, when I learned that The Franklin Institute would soon have a Jurassic World exhibit, I eagerly marked my calendar.


It isn’t often that you get to step into the setting of one of your favorite movies.*

Anyone who grew up laughing as the T-Rex chomped the lawyer off the toilet, finding ways to insert “Hold onto your butts” into every day situations, or simply geeking out over dinosaurs come to life on the big screen will appreciate this exhibit.

*Several years ago, The Franklin Institute did a Chronicles of Narnia exhibit that was of the same quality as this one. It started with walking from the wardrobe into a winter wonderland. Amazing.


While seeing the “dinosaurs” had its moments of excitement, my favorite part was going into the lab.



The only thing missing was the video of DNA narrating how the dinosaurs were recreated.

That would have been awesome.

But seeing as this was supposed to be Jurassic World, and not Jurassic Park, I suppose we have to forgive them.


20161206_135048 20161206_135145

20161206_135157 20161206_135336


Jurassic World: The Exhibition

The Franklin Institute
222 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Open through April 23, 2017

**If you have been to the museum before and want to save some cash, go during the evening hours.

***This post is not sponsored in any way by The Franklin Institute. I am merely a girl who geeked out on this awesome exhibit and wanted to share it with the world.


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