Life at 70 MPH

Flying to my destination often wins out over driving, however, the best part of giving in to a long road trip is undoubtedly views along the journey that could not be seen from above.

With a schedule to keep and places to reach, pulling over to snap a picture of every perfect sunset or beautiful landscape isn’t possible. This, and the following photo gallery you will see, prompted #2 on my Fall Want To list: Take More/Less Pictures.

I call this: ‘Life at 70 Miles Per Hour’. It is the unedited catalog of our drive from Portland, Maine to Bar Harbor, Maine. So if you feel a little lopsided or find yourself squinting…it isn’t you, it’s me.


This was our view through most of Maine, minus the blur.



The sun and the moon refuse to ever take a good picture for me. The moon more than the sun, but either way they are both finicky subjects.


Don’t you love when you try to take a picture and a pole decides to jump in your way?


Sometimes we buy baked goods* and let them tempt us on the dashboard.

*The morning of this drive started in Boston and led to Portland. Despite being full from breakfast, we couldn’t pass up stopping for coffee and visiting a local bakery.


I’ve found that though sometimes hints of gorgeous views can be captured, there is nothing like the feeling you get being there to witness them in living color.


SAM_5818 SAM_5823

Like I said before, Maine has a lot of trees.

Quite a lot of trees.



I love this house. With construction on the road ahead of us, I had just enough time to snap a few pictures.

It looks like the setting for a fantastical children’s novel.


I love the gigantic circular window. I sure hope the building doesn’t end up being knocked down.


This building reminded me of the show Deadwood because there is a character named Ellsworth.* If you enjoy westerns or shows based on historical events…watch it!

*Apparently, we were in Ellsworth, Maine at the time.

SAM_5835 SAM_5838

I’m fairly certain I was overcome with boredom at this point and started experimenting.

This didn’t last very long.


As soon as water was in view, I knew we were nearing our destination.*

*That, and Google maps told us so.

SAM_5840 SAM_5847


Life at 70 miles per hour might once in a while produce a worthy photo, but I’ve found that sometimes it’s better to put down the camera* (or other distractions) and capture the moment with every bit of you. Breathe it in. Memorize it. Capture the moment inside of you rather than letting its splendor go unnoticed.


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