Coffeehouse Adventures, Portland Style

For such a small state, New Jersey has coffee…and plenty of it. While the perfect coffeehouse may not be right outside my door, I need only go towards any random direction and within a ten or twenty minute drive, I’m certain to find something of worth.

Knowing that one third of the population of Maine is located in Portland made me wary of the possibility of finding coffee while on the road, but certain that the largest city of Maine would have some options. Fortunately, I also have a friend who not only visited Portland only a few weeks before me, but also has a sibling who lives there providing me the hook up on which places I should check out.

We managed to fit in two coffeehouses, though there were plenty more tempting me to come try a cup.*

* I love coffee, but I also love my nerves ,too. There are only so many shots of espresso that can be jammed into a short time frame.


My favorite was Bard Coffee. For starters, theirs was not one of those New York City coffeehouses where if you’re having your coffee to stay you will be leaning into a complete stranger who is pretending to be intently working on his/her computer, but really only scrolling through Facebook the entire time.

No. There was plenty of room for people like me who need a solid minute to think about what they want but feel rushed when people crowd behind them, which leads to a feeling of claustrophobia…and in such a small space where it is impossible to move to the side, said person then thoughtlessly orders something they don’t like at all like an extra shot chai latte with a pump of pumpkin.

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. I was just really happy with the size of the room. That’s all.


And they had a Chemex. Which made me smile.


This has nothing to do with coffee, but Lance went to use their restroom and had to get the key from the barista. It was attached to….wait for it….a whisk.

How stinking cute is that?


My teeny tiny cappuccino had a subtle earthy flavor, unlike any I’ve had before. It was delicious and I had to fight the urge to turn back for another.


Alright, maybe this isn’t a coffeehouse, but I can’t resist sharing.

Because this…


…is complete and absolute bliss.


I’m a little jealous that Portland has so many coffeehouses* within walking distance of one another.
*Correction, not just coffeehouses, good coffeehouses.

Portland Take 2 (44)

Arabica coffee might have been my favorite had I not been a complete butterfingers* and dropped my Milky Way latte after only a few sips.
*Yes, pun intended.
Lance, however, loved his iced maple latte. Though new and unusual flavors always intrigue me, I was slightly hesitant about a maple flavored latte. What if it was overly flavored and too sweet? What if it was under flavored and a big let down?
I know. I over think coffee.
But coffee is serious business.
The verdict? Maple lattes are the new pumpkin spice.
There. I said it. When it’s a fad in a few years, make sure you say you heard it here.

Portland Take 2 (46)

Bard Coffee
185 Middle Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Two Fat Cats Bakery
47 India Street
Portland, ME 04101

Arabica Coffee
2 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101


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