Cookie Monstah, Boston

Food trucks are one of my favorite things. They have taken this common concept of selling food on street corners and have sophisticated and specified their offerings to a point that the quality of the goods is often equal to or better than that of many restaurants.


No matter how we plan for finding food trucks while on vacation, it typically results in driving and searching to no avail. Despite event pages marking food truck days or days said trucks will be in a specified location, somehow, we never manage to find the food truck we are seeking.

So my rule is, where food trucks are concerned, go for it!

…doesn’t matter what time of day it is

…doesn’t matter if I’ve already eaten

If I see a food truck and I’m interested…I’m trying it!


When it came to Cookie Monstah, we had only an hour or so earlier finished a massive brunch at Clink.

Care thrown to the wind and love for food trucks in our hearts, we got in line to order.


Dessert food trucks are becoming more and more common which is a great thing in my world. While tacos, mac and cheese, empanadas, and grilled cheese have been among the items I’ve enjoyed from food trucks, dessert is my favorite meal and therefore, my favorite thing to get fresh and made from scratch.


Cookie Monstah’s cookies did not disappoint. They were thick, chewy, and packed with flavor. Being that they offered ice cream cookie sandwiches, we knew we had to try one. We decided to share. With too many delicious cookie choices, we decided to have a sandwich comprised of a chocolate chunk cookie and a snickerdoodle.

In between the cookies was a generous serving of Milky Way ice cream.

I want to petition for Cookie Monstah to get their ice cream into pints and serve it in Jersey. It was that incredible. All the goodness that is a Milky Way candy bar somehow came beautifully through in this creamy scoop of wonder.


We brought this little fella with us for later. Hours into driving through Maine we were given the push to carry on by this double chocolate angel.


The Cookie Monstah
Boston Food Truck


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