Lorca, Stamford, CT

Today marks two full weeks home since Hubby and I went on a spectacular road trip…a road trip so spectacular this is the first time I am mentioning it to you.

Sorry, I’m still trying to adjust back to reality. Every time I think I’m good, I swear I hear the mountains calling my name.

After visiting Vermont in February, we knew we wanted to tour the New England states in their entirety.* I’m positively brimming with things to share here and I hope you end up loving this little chunk of America as much as we did.

*Translation: Visit any New England state we have never been.

As is only natural, our trip began with a coffeehouse adventure. Just short of halfway to our final destination for the night (Warwick, Rhode Island) I began to grow tired and knew the only thing that could help readjust my nodding head was a creamy, caffeinated cup of coffee. Careful consideration of the nearby options led us to Lorca in Stamford, Connecticut.


The deciding factor was this: they have horchata. We discovered horchata last year during our travels in Savannah* where Lance tried a horchata latte. Horchata is rice milk (though some use seeds or nuts instead for making the milk) with cinnamon and sugar. I don’t know if the simple addition of cinnamon is what makes it so incredible, or if it is actually something in the milk itself, but a horchata latte is quite possibly one of my favorite flavors in the coffee world.

*And I can’t believe I didn’t blog about horchata back then! Forgive me.


At Lorca, they have a ‘Lorchata’ which consists of horchata and their cold brew. The cinnamon sings throughout the entire drink in a way that a dash of cinnamon or a pump of Starbucks’ cinnamon dolce sugar simply cannot.

Though we noted it when we found Lorca on Google, an adorable neon light with the words ‘Coffee and Churros’ ensured an order of churros accompanied our coffees. Our churros were complimented by three dipping sauces: chocolate, orange chocolate, and dolce. Though both chocolates were delicious, the simplicity of the dolce made it my favorite.


If the temptation of fresh fried churros had not been there, I certainly would have picked one or ten things from their pastry display. I gently tried reminding myself that this was merely the first of many, many stops in our trip.

The decor of this little coffee shop matched their out of the ordinary servings. We sat near a painted brick wall that made me seriously contemplate giving the side of my house a face lift.* Funky light fixtures hung from the ceiling amidst artistically displayed canoe shells.

*Our house is white and is made of brick. Though we have neighbors to our right, the left side sits next to an empty piece of land. I’d say it’s a canvas just waiting to be created upon.


Had we more time, I would have loved to explore downtown Stamford a little more. Lorca is surrounded by local shops and restaurants with smells that made me want to have an early dinner. Lance had to drag me to the car reminding me, again, that many more adventures awaited us.

125 Bedford St
Stamford, CT 06901


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