An Argument for Vanilla

This post title is a little deceiving. There isn’t really any argument. The vanilla bean is heaven sent, kissed by angels and left here on earth for us to delight in. Next best to the bean in all its pureness is vanilla extract.

I love making my own. The ridiculous simplicity of the entire process makes a foolproof argument in favor of homemade vanilla extract.

You can choose what kind of beans you want to use.

You can make it for yourself.

You can make it as a gift.

And whenever you look at that bottle, you’ll think, Hey! I made that!*

*With the help of vanilla beans and vodka, of course.

IMG_6315 IMG_6327

It is as easy as 1. having a bottle…2. slicing beans…3. pouring vodka.

A child could do it*.

*Though I don’t recommend documenting your child with a bottle of vodka in hand, even if it is for a widely used baking ingredient.


The only thing to be aware of beforehand when making vanilla extract is that it takes about two months (6-8 weeks) for this stuff to be ready for consumption.

Though it’s well worth the wait, make sure you don’t procrastinate making it when you come near the bottom of your last bottle.


I found myself in such a predicament a few months ago. The last time I made vanilla extract was about two years ago. Forgetting the two month waiting process, I kept pushing off making more. When I came to the last drop in my bottle, I panicked, then realized I had another full bottle hidden in the back of my pantry.

Thank. Goodness.

My bottles are three weeks away from being ready. I love watching the color change from a translucent liquid to one of light amber then finally a rich mahogany.



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