A Punch in the Face in Lancaster

Our friend, Drew, needed a specific stain of wood for a corner piece in his dining room. After a series of events involving an Amish furniture store, the back of my Hummer, a few phone calls, a trip to the closest U-Haul, and a return trip to said Amish furniture store, we had the piece for which he had scoured most of New Jersey.


It didn’t look like much on the outside, but the inside of Homeplace Furniture was a treasure trove of furniture and knickknacks.


I fell in love with these intricately carved chairs. Someone please buy them for me and I will be your friend for life.


There’s something about having a backdoor in your establishment that opens up to a view like this. I was just a little bit jealous.

After a morning filled with furniture shopping, an afternoon of normal shopping was in order.

Guys, I think I have been hidden under a rock or something, because Drew took us to Kitchen Kettle Village* and my head just about popped off my body with excitement.

*Up until this point, I thought Kitchen Kettle Village referred only to the jams and other jarred items sold across Lancaster.**

**You have a moment to laugh at me, and then let’s put this all behind us and move on.

While I most certainly purchased a few jarred items from their Jam & Relish Kitchen, what most excited me about Kitchen Kettle Village was this…


Oh yes, Coffeehouse Adventures takes on Lancaster!

Even though lunch at Miller’s Smorgasbord had us walking a little slower than normal, this sign made coffee an absolute must:



There is a lot of information going on there. So let’s just sit and stare at it for a second.

To top it off, they also offer this bad boy made at another local coffee company:


This goes against everything I was raised on. Shaking a can before opening? Isn’t that illegal somewhere?

I’ve got to be honest, because you know that’s how I do.

I know that nitro coffee is a big deal and that coffee enthusiasts everywhere are drinking it.

But I am a wimp.

Although I love coffee, I do not like strong coffee. Therefore, I do not like extra strong coffee. A coffee titled, “Punch in the Face”, though made via this intriguing new process of infusing coffee with nitrogen, comes across as VERY strong.

My companions, however, both were very interested.

Lance had his flavored with vanilla, while Drew went with mocha.


I love the subtle cup descriptions.

I ordered a classic iced latte with two pumps of vanilla, and was very pleased with the flavor of the espresso, as well as, the proportion of cream to espresso.

From what I gathered, this was the first time that a punch in the face was requested and also enjoyed by Lance or Drew.*

*Perhaps the best part of the visit was listening to them both ask the barista for a punch in the face.

The Roasted Rooster
3529 Old Philadelphia Pike
P.O. Box 380
Intercourse, PA 17534
(717) 768-2753


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