Jammin’ Crêpes, Princeton, NJ


For the past year or so, whenever my path led to Princeton, I flirted with visiting Jammin’ Crepes. Specialized eateries as such tend to attract my attention, yet simultaneously also my hesitation.*

*I fight a terrible internal battle of wanting to try new things, but not wanting to be disappointed if they aren’t everything I imagined they would and could be.

I love when things happen on the spur of a moment. While out to dinner with two of my favorite people, Jill and Andrew, Jill mentioned Jammin’ Crêpes. After my shriek of delight and acknowledgement that I, too, wanted to go there, we were faced with the thing that had been holding the both of us back: our men.

A quick Google search informed us they were open for another hour. It could no long be a flirty temptation. We demanded to be taken there for dessert crêpes.


I have my Gram to thank for my love of crepes. While ‘Grandma’s cookies’ might be something most children grow up on, my brothers and I were treated to Gram’s love of French treats. No matter what, she always had the proper ingredients and tools on hand to make a perfect crêpe filled with jam, chocolate, or any other filling around the house that made sense.

Gosh, I love that woman.


Jammin’ Crepes is absolutely adorable inside, from their wall stocked with their local micro-batch jams and pickles to their beautiful antique wood tables.


And how cool is it to see just how local their ingredients are?


It took me a long time to finalize my order. I might have been a little distracted by the fact that I really, really wanted to try one of their savory crêpes as well.

But we had just eaten dinner, so that would have been absolutely ridiculous.

Or would it have been?


When I finally settled on my order, I knew I had chosen the mother of all their sweet crêpes.


Meet “Brownies in a Blanket”: double chocolate brownies wrapped in sweet crêpe with Bent Spoon* ice cream and a drizzle of salted caramel.

*You know about Bent Spoon, right around the corner, don’t you? For the sake of all that is creamy and sweet, please look it up right now if you don’t!

Wow. Wow. Wow.

While some crêpes can be ordered ‘To Go’, Brownies in a Blanket is one you need to be sitting in order to eat. Everything about it from the chocolatey perfection of the moist brownies to the sweet drizzle of caramel to the added coolness of the ice cream made this a winning crêpe.


I left ready to plan my next visit. I’m thinking a lunch visit with a fellow foodie who will understand and not judge my need to order not only a savory crêpe, but also a sweet crêpe.*

*I need to find out what their “Toasty Joe” is all about.

Jammin’ Crêpes
20 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542


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