Coffee Works, Voorhees, NJ

Coffeehouse Adventures have caused me to get a little antsy if too many weekends* go by without a visit to a new coffeehouse.

*Translation: more than one.

This past weekend, Mother’s Day weekend or not, was no exception. High up on my ‘To Do’ list was a new coffeehouse adventure. This one brought us to Voorhees, an area I don’t usually frequent due to its distance from home.*

*It really isn’t that far, especially compared to places we visit often. The truth is: it is south and most of our business takes us more north…or east.


Coffee Works, or Coffee Works Too as some signage for the shop states, is the biggest coffeehouse I have been to so far, and though a small intimate coffeehouse atmosphere has a place in the hearts of true coffeehouse lovers, there is something in me that craves this kind of open space where groups of people can socialize with caffeine aplenty without having to crowd on top of one another. If the pile of board games by the register is any indication, the space in Coffee Works is never lacking visitors looking to have a good time over a cup of Joe. It also helps that they are open until 10:15 most nights, and until 11:15 on the weekends.*

*My kind of place, for sure!

The seating options vary from chairs and tables to couches and even a few high top tables. We chose a comfy couch near the kitchen where the smell of garlic was wafting through the air, making our tummies hungry.


Though we both ordered vanilla lattes (mine hot, Hubby’s iced) we also purchased a half pound of Sumatra and Peruvian beans. Notice? We’ve gotten smart. Instead of only buying a one pound bag of one roast, we’re taking home two different kinds to try.


Though I had my worries (we’ve brought home a few pounds of coffee from other coffeehouse adventures that we were less than thrilled with), so far we have enjoyed both–making me think that Coffee Works is a winner for more than the welcoming atmosphere they manage to create.


I am always impressed with coffeehouses that manage to pump out more than coffee with a few baked items on the side. Coffee Works makes legit food. Ordinarily, I’m one who will prefer a baked item with my coffee in the morning, but on this particular morning I was starving, which made their sandwich options call out to me. My bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel was sheer perfection (so much so that I need to discover where they get their bagels from) and I might have been a little bit jealous for just a minute of Hubby’s pork roll, egg, and cheese on toast. This was, of course, before I had a chance to sink my teeth into mine.*

*I managed to sneak a bite of his, too…of course.


And how perfect is the bathroom sign?

What I especially love about Coffee Works is that the decor isn’t overdone. Though they have a small stage for cafe performances, it doesn’t overwhelm the room. Neither do too many in your face cliche coffeehouse chachkies.

As we were on our way out, we caught the first few minutes of a Mother’s Day performance that was kicking off their Mother’s Day brunch. I snapped a quick picture as the sound of a popular Beatles tune drifted with us out the door.


Coffee Works
910 Berlin Road
Voorhees Township, NJ 08043


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