Oh the Things You’ll See in Lancaster City

Back in January, I was giddy over the discovery of Lancaster City and promised to return in daylight and warmth.


On second visit, the novelty had not worn off, and though it was rather windy with a slight chill in the air, I found myself eagerly looking around each corner with the eyes of a tourist.*

* I kept my camera out the entire time. It was serious.

We started at a little sandwich shop I had never heard of, but has several locations in Lancaster. In my hunger, I saw “Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches” and in my mind translated it to mean they were a grilled cheese restaurant.

Imagine my disappointment when I realized they were just a regular sandwich joint.*

*In all fairness, the French bread Scarlet Ibis (aka turkey and cheese) we shared was delicious–it just wasn’t the specialized grilled cheese for which my mouth was longing.


After a short walk, we came upon this:


Though I saw the word “create” right away and was all a rush to get a picture, it took me a minute before I saw the other word hiding in orange.

IMG_3713 IMG_3721

It all made sense when we passed the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design down the street. I may or may not have been excited over discovering that there is a college located in Lancaster City.*

*There really is no reasonable explanation to my excitement over Lancaster City, other than the fact that I never knew it existed and that Lancaster has always been near and dear to my heart.

Then this Amish man on a bike rode passed me and I couldn’t resist a picture…


There was another Amish man playing music near Lancaster Cupcake and I desperately wanted to take a picture with him.

I decided to have a little self control.

Okay, I know what you’re going to think about this next picture, but I couldn’t resist taking it because it absolutely blew my mind…


Is it even legal for Lancaster to have adult bookstores?

This next picture is a double whammy of shock and excitement for me.

First of all…there are parking garages in Lancaster.

Yes, so many people are visiting Lancaster City that they need garages.

Garages. Plural. Meaning, more than one.

Lancaster City needs more than one massive parking garage.


Second, Lancaster has yellow taxi cabs.

I had seen another taxi before this one, but it wasn’t yellow. A yellow taxi cab is a whole other level of taxi cabs.

And Lancaster has them.

As well as…trolley cars.


We sat near the Lancaster Convention Center where, to my surprise, a music convention was currently going on, when I saw this…


And immediately told Lance that I wanted to buy it, live in it, and run a small business out of the bottom floor…


It just seems a shame that such a beautiful building be boarded up. And an end unit to boot!

At the town center we caught a little more excitement:


And for a minute I thought the news station van was there for the wedding. Then I realized it was probably for the music convention/festival that was going on.


After we stalked the newly married couple for a few minutes, we found this cozy little nook.



If it hadn’t been wildly windy and about ten degrees colder than when we arrived I would have loved to enjoy this area for a little. We ventured through the red door into ‘The Rabbit & Dragonfly’ where we expected to find a bookstore, but instead found a combined bookstore, coffee bar, and hangout area.

I was so sad that we would be eating dinner shortly. Otherwise I would have tried their coffee.

Perhaps it was a good thing. This little corner was so adorable, and the environment so inviting, that if the coffee had been comparable it might have been difficult to tear me away.


Then again, it was difficult to tear me away from adorable little streets like this, too.


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