Subways, Jazz, & Late Night Treats

In my perfect world, bakeries would be open until midnight.

One would think, in a place like New York City, there would be plenty of available snack options in the late night hours, but sadly, it just isn’t so.


We’ll get back to this box in a minute.

After a full day at The American Museum of Natural History, we made our way back to the area where we began our morning.


We were laughing about something here, I’m just not sure what!

After an eventful subway ride*, we headed for Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. I’ve been to a few different jazz clubs over the last few years, and my favorites are always ones that serve dinner. Not that the dinners are especially fantastic, but it seems to me a lost social practice. Dinner and a show is something I’m always eager to take part in. It feels so nostalgic and makes me reminisce of a time I never knew, but yearn for.

*Then again, when isn’t a subway ride eventful?


The JD Allen Quartet did not disappoint. Having made our reservations so far in advance, I ended up scoring us incredible seats–we were practically sitting in the drummer’s lap! I was especially intrigued by the fact that he switched out of his dress shoes and into a pair of Toms for the performance. My guess is they make it easier to maneuver the pedals.


Also in my perfect world, dinner is always followed by dessert. When I’m out, I like for it to be followed by dessert at a completely different location. It may sound strange, but it’s nice to leave dinner, go to a different place with different scenery, and see what they have to offer.

For a while now I have been wanting to try Insomnia Cookies. Yet every time I was in the vicinity of one I was either full, had already eaten dessert, or was already heading for a different dessert option.

Insomnia Cookies is so far the closest thing I have found to my midnight bakery.*

*Other than The Donut Shack in Baltimore.


They have several locations in the city, but are also located in many different east coast states. They deliver when a minimum order of $6 is placed, but the best part is that they are open until 3 am!

My kind of place.


The cookies are cookies. No major frills. No particularly unusual flavor combinations. But they are served warm*, in a pizza box like container, and are available when no other baked goods are available.**

*That’s right, served warm…like they just came out of grandma’s oven.

**Therefore, I love them.

It’s kind of impossible not to love them.

We had some restraint and did not eat the entire box. I was happy to discover that they are just as delicious the next day…and the next day after that.



Insomnia Cookies
Locations vary




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