The Meatball Shop, NYC

The first food I ever decided to make my own was meatballs. Everyone seems to have their way of doing them. And every Italian mother’s way is the best. I knew that I needed a ball that was my meatball. One that had my stamp of approval on it. One that was packed with things I love, and eliminated of things that make me wrinkle my nose.

Even having concocted my own Italian meatball recipe, I always try out other recipes in hopes of finding a new ingredient or process to make mine even better. I’ve found that recipes composed of lengthy steps including refrigeration, pan frying, additional baking, saucing, etc. have always resulted in the comment from my Hubby that makes my heart flutter just a little:

“They were good. But I like yours better.”

It is for this very reason I don’t order meatballs at restaurants or make any further attempts at changing my Italian meatball recipe.

However, when a restaurant specializing in meatballs alone comes my way, I can’t resist trying it.

We tried The Meatball Shop a few years ago after first learning of their existence. This is the kind of restaurant I love. One that is focused on the creation of one perfectly made food item.


How beautiful is that, right?

You can order naked balls, sliders, or a sandwich,* choosing between five different kinds of balls. If you really want to go all out, they offer “The Kitchen Sink”: 3 balls and your choice of sauce served over the Chef’s selection of greens and veggies.**

*They offer a hero or a meatball smash, which is essentially their version of a burger.

**A fried egg, or ‘the family jewels’ as it’s known at TMS, can be added on for an additional price.

I’ll make the exception to my meatball rule any day where The Meatball Shop is concerned. After our first visit, I was gifted their cookbook and though Hubby still requests my Italian meatballs, I have found some fun twists on the ordinary meatball that occasionally make a guest appearance in my kitchen.*

*How does Steak ‘n’ Bacon Cheddar Balls sound? Yup, as delicious and horrible for you as you might imagine!

The true hidden jewel at The Meatball Shop is their ice cream sandwiches. You have a choice of one of their cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate walnut, snickerdoodle, or the daily special–ginger cookie!) paired with one of their ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, espresso, brown sugar).

I’m just going to leave you with this…


IMG_3589 IMG_3592


The Meatball Shop
Six NYC locations



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