The Ones I Left Behind

Sometimes post worthy things don’t make it here.

Times passes, life goes on, other exciting posts come up, and the unfortunate rejects simply float into the past. Still I hang on to them, planning to use them on a day I simply can’t summon a blog topic, which happens more often than I would like to admit.*

*Like, as perhaps you are noticing, today.

The days go by and the dates the pictures were taken grow even more distant and no matter how desperate I may be, I cannot summon the desire to blog about the long forgotten topic.

So, in case you’ve ever wondered about the things that ‘just didn’t make it’, here are a few:


Here’s Gram, on an average summer day, lounging poolside. This was going to be a post on how much I love my time spent at Gram’s pool*. Even though it isn’t a picture of her dolled up in one of her classy  black outfits paired with three inch heels she claims don’t hurt her feet, this picture makes me smile. It’s my grandmother through and through. At ease, loving life, and ready to serve.

*Coincidentally, the pool is in the process of being permanently closed.


And this foggy picture basically sums up my feeling towards that…and the humidity in New Jersey.

During one of those summer days where you start to sweat from just standing, Lance and I took a visit to our least favorite place* (Philadelphia) and visited the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum so that we could remain indoors all day.

*Coincidentally, we have an upcoming trip planned to our favorite place (NYC) to visit their Natural History Museum. I can’t wait.


I had a lot more fun than I expected. One of my favorite parts was the dinosaurs.


Possibly because this buff guy reminded me of our trip to Chicago last March where we met Sue the T-Rex at The Field Museum.


Isn’t she lovely?


We also took an impromptu trip to Coney Island with a few of Lance’s coworkers after enjoying pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens. This was my first trip there and I couldn’t get over the roller coasters…


and the fact that they are still being used.


I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters…but in a summer night’s sky they make a pretty picture.

There are several other files of posts that just didn’t make it, but their subject matter is mostly food. This little journey through blog posts left behind has left me with one realization: I am ready for summer!


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