Green Goddess Cafe, Stowe, VT

I’m drawing to a close on my posts about Vermont and it is making my heart ever so slightly sad*. Knowing how much I hate goodbyes, I saved two of my favorite experiences* for last.

*Though the warmer weather is helping to balance that sadness.

**Alright, I’ll be honest, all the experiences were my favorite, even the bitter cold.

During our last hours in Vermont, after chocolate shopping and our expensive visit to Cold Hollow Cider Mill, we enjoyed our final Stowe meal at the highly rated Green Goddess Cafe.


As a breakfast lover, it took an incredible amount of resistance not to order their cinnamon raisin French toast or one of their unique breakfast sandwiches. On an ordinary weekend day, breakfast often takes the place of lunch for me, but that also means I have slept through breakfast. Seeing that I had already eaten one breakfast that day, I decided checking out their lunch menu was the right thing to do.*

*Though my lunch was delicious, I have decided this logic is flawed. Two breakfasts in one day? That’s a win if you ask me.

The tables clustered in the center of the room were surrounded by families half dressed in ski gear either on their way to the slopes or taking a breather from a chilly morning of skiing. At the counter seating and tables for two were couples out for a little Valentine’s Day lunch. Aside from a few lone empty chairs, there wasn’t a single table available and the front door continued to usher in gusts of negative degrees as more hungry visitors arrived.


Once we scored some counter seating, I noticed the massive size of the salads and immediately wondered if I should have tried one. They have their own house mixtures, but if you want to build your own salad they have a pre-made order form with a range of options including, on the premium end, roast lamb and slow roasted pork.* Lance ordered “The Hulk” from their raw juice list and while I expected them to pull a jug of juice from the fridge I watched with eager enthusiasm as the woman who took our order turned around and began juicing his drink in front of us.

*Next time.


It was green, as can be drawn from the name, therefore it was just a tad too healthy tasting for me, but my Hulk guzzled it down within seconds as we waited for our food.



I ordered the Chicken Milanese wrap, which looking back I can’t understand why I went so simple. They have a sandwich called “Our Big Fat Greek Sandwich” with roasted leg of lamb, arugula, caramelized onion, lemon herb aioli, on their house focaccia. They have a “Goddess Grilled Cheese” with pesto aioli, house made mozzarella, spinach, and avocado.

But I went with an ordinary Chicken Milanese.

I guess I was still full from breakfast and not wanting to over indulge.

My wrap was good, but in truth, once I realized that their house made mozzarella was hiding within, I unwrapped the wrap and ate the mozzarella alone with the breaded chicken.

And it was perfection.

Now this…


This made me jealous.

Lance ordered “The Local” which was stacked with grilled turkey, Vermont cheddar, bacon, tomato, arugula, with a healthy spread of pesto aioli.

It was everything I dream of a turkey club being and more. The turkey tasted as if it had been carved off a Thanksgiving turkey only moments ago. The toasted white bread added a beautiful crunch to all the other wonderful components of this sandwich, making me steal one…maybe three…bites.

I had to leave on a sweet note, and it was a good thing I did. I was so full that I could only take a bite of my chocolate peanut butter cookie. It came in handy about three hours into our drive home when my stomach decided it needed food again.


Green Goddess Cafe
618 South Main Street
Stowe, VT


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