A Longwood Christmas

If you enjoy horticulture and are a Christmas lover, Longwood Gardens is a stop you need to plan for one of your days off for Christmas*. What amazes me most is that Longwood Gardens has arranged nature into the most appealing display possible and then, on top of this, somehow envisioned a way to compliment nature with lights. I cannot image the thought process it takes to arrange so much light in an appealing and Christmas like way.

*Or sooner. The closer you go to Christmas the more packed it gets and more interesting happenings occur. When we went two years ago, we saw three different proposals within one hour. The good news is, they have timed entry, so it will never be too crowded.



There are a few tree houses along the route providing a little relief from the cold.*

When we went, it was cold. Of course, if we had gone this past week it would have been perfect. Still, a small part of me feels that this kind of thing needs to be enjoyed beneath winter coats and mittens.


We heard tell of a fire pit, but it was a little anticlimactic. I expected a masterpiece of a pit, but really it was closer to a ordinary home fire pit.


In the distance we saw the tallest oak tree on the property which has been covered in red lights.


When you first enter you are greeted with magnificent Christmas music as a regal welcoming to the gardens.


The Conservatory is a welcome respite from the cold. Visitors are greeted by an antique music box that, according to the quick research I did on Porter music boxes, is extremely expensive. So much so that I think they should probably have it better protected from crazy visitors like me.


The parts of nature that cannot be seen in the darkness of night are brought to life inside the Conservatory.


I wasn’t sure what to expect having visited only a few Christmases ago. I was happy to see that they revamped all their major displays with different themes and arrangements.


Can I please have this room in my house?*

*And yes, I especially want the box for the Christmas tree to sit in, the telescope, the piano and the antique typewriter.**

**I hope Santa reads this blog.


The Palm House and Tropical Terrance in the Conservatory brought me back to our trip to Miami and for a minute I wanted to hop on a plane and fly back.

Then I remembered that I want to be in New Jersey where it is cold during Christmas.

And then this week came and I was confused. I am not sure anymore if I am in Jersey or somewhere much further south.



Though I loved the Christmas lights outside, especially the illuminated tree form reflections*, my absolute favorite part of the gardens were the succulents in the Silver Garden.

*Lighted tree forms sit beside a pond and reflect in the water–so beautifully I could not manage to take picture (In other words, all the pictures I took did not portray the beauty of the reflection).


I don’t know what it is about succulents, but they are they only kind of plant I allow in my house. Anything else I find pointless because it will either ultimately die (cut flowers) or I will kill it (everything that is not a succulent).


I changed my mind. If Santa would just bring me this succulent fountain, I would be happy.

A home gardener might be nice, too.

Longwood Gardens

1001 Longwood Road,
Kennett Square, PA 19348


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