A Furry Christmas?

My dear friend, Theresa, is perhaps the only other person who can relate to my overabundant love for everything Christmas. When Theresa and I worked together we shared the same anticipations for this special day. She is perhaps the only person who truly gets my urge to put the tree up in September and understands why it is perfectly acceptable to listen to Christmas music in July.

Even my husband, who I love more than anything, cannot relate to the Christmas love.

He gets excited for Christmas on Christmas, and that’s that. He doesn’t decorate, doesn’t have the urge to go see Christmas lights and definitely doesn’t bake Christmas cookies.

Yet something has changed in him this year and he has willingly participated in several Christmas excursions.* I have been taken to so many Christmas activities (some of his choice, and some of his willingly agreeing to go along) that I don’t know what to do with myself except cross my fingers and hope this behavior is here to stay.

*And Christmas is still 18 days away!


Last weekend was the first of many Christmas excursions and it was due to the generosity of my SIL, Sam. She decided to treat Jon to A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place–something we have never gone to before–as an early Christmas present*

*It has been somewhere around 10.29047 years since I have been to Sesame Place.

**I’m not going to lie. I miss it.

***Especially the lazy river.

Sure, we were four grown adults walking around a theme park geared towards toddlers, but Christmas was alive there and it could be felt by all ages.


I do not do roller coasters. I have tried and learned the hard way that my body does not appreciate nor enjoy being flipped, spun, rocked around, tilted or any other synonym for what occurs on theme park rides.


Still Jonathan managed to sucker me into a few rides, one of which I think my head is still spinning from today.


It was ridiculously cold the day we went,* but we didn’t mind because it helped to get us into the Christmas Spirit.

*When compared to the ridiculously warm temperatures Jersey has been having.


Adults and children alike found their Christmas spirit as the familiar characters we all grew up watching came out singing and dancing to Christmas carols.


However, I’m not so sure of how I feel about this Abby Cadabby stepping in an stealing the spotlight from the original Sesame Street crew.



Sesame Place isn’t a particularly large theme park, which in the summertime can be horrible, especially on those blisteringly hot days. However, for A Very Furry Christmas, it was perfect. We didn’t have far to walk in between shows and rides, and the lines moved surprisingly fast.

The outdoor shows had open seating always with seats to spare. However, Elmo The Musical, an indoor show, was packed. We thought our balcony seats would leave us with extra leg room, but the staff kept bringing people in and squishing them next to us.


That just meant I got to snuggle up closer to this little cutie.


The Neighborhood Street Party Christmas Parade is no joke. Spectators began claiming their spots a good hour before the show started.

Meanwhile, we* were riding a few more rides and catching Elmo the Musical.

*By we, of course, I do not mean me. By we, I clearly mean Jon, Sam and Lance.


Jonathan danced for the entire parade. He went from bursting with excitement at the sound of the music to seemingly choreographed movements and singing.



Please note: This boy does not like to wear coats. He danced himself out of his hoodie, then attempted to dance himself out of his sweater.


As the sun set on Sesame Place, the Christmas lights began lighting the neighborhood.


It was about this time that someone grew cranky and claimed it was because he didn’t get to see Elmo.

Thank goodness Cookie Monster was hanging out at one of the stores and momentarily made thoughts of Elmo disappear.


For a kick starter to the Christmas season, Sesame Place was a surprisingly perfect place to begin. It reminded me of my childhood while at the same time excited me for the season.



A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place, through December 31st

Sesame Place
100 Sesame Road
Langhorne, PA 19047


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