The Live Audience Experience at The Chew

In just over a one month time span, I managed to be a part of the live audiences of three different television shows.

Can you tell I’m looking for a little excitement to break up the monotony of my days of unemployment?

In truth, my days are packed with writing, blogging, cleaning, more cleaning, a little music and, of course, cooking. Just before my 30th birthday trip I managed to get tickets to The ChewDuring the pool days of summer at my Gram’s house, I would occasionally see bits and pieces of The Chew as we were having lunch.

A show completely about cooking? Doesn’t matter if I’m a fan or not, I’m there!

Since I would need to be in the city by 10:30 am during the week, I invited my SIL, Kristina to come. Lance loves NYC, but using a personal day to see The Chew isn’t exactly how he would want to spend his time there.

Thus sparked the start of the how-many-tv-shows-can-I-be-part-of? quest. If you have never been part of a live audience, you should do it at least once. Regardless of the show, it is a lot of fun. Depending on the show you choose, you might walk away with free goodies and/or the experience of a lifetime.

Up First: The Chew

There were two lines outside the studio to stand and wait in before going inside. The first started at the wall just outside the doors and was labeled ‘Priority’, the other was about twenty feet behind labeled ‘Group A’. We were ‘Priority’ and were the second guests in line. After waiting about twenty minutes, a large group of people started gathering in front of the doors claiming to be ‘VIP’. At this point, no employees were there to guide any of us in what to do. Naturally, those in the ‘Priority’ and ‘Group A’ lines didn’t budge, while this group of people continued to stand directly in front of the doors.

About ten minutes before it was time for us to go in, a staff member came out and made the ‘Priority’ and ‘Group A’ lines move back so that the VIP’s (who we later discovered were only people who had come early and already ‘checked in’) could line up in order in front.

It was a little chaotic, but nevertheless we managed to eventually get into the studio where we were greeted by producers, bottled water and granola bars.

Kristina and I were barely through the doors when one of the segment producers stopped us and asked if we would want to be part of a segment. I heard the words ‘blender bike’ and immediately pointed to Kristina.

“She’ll do it!”

The producer still asked if I would be willing to be put on the list and I agreed…only if they couldn’t get anyone else to do it.

As we waited in a room framed with less chairs than there were people, the producers continued to approach audience members about segments. We were approached by another producer who asked if we liked music. Eager to, yet again, get Kristina to be the one in the spotlight rather than myself, I pushed her forward and declared that, of course, she loves music. She was then put on the final list of ladies to be sung to by country singer, Brett Eldredge.

With Kristina on the country singer segment, the blender bike producer found me in the sardine can of waiting audience members and asked if I would be their person for the blender bike segment.

I did it for Gram.

Gram was thrilled that we were going to be in the audience of The Chew, and I knew that my being part of a segment would be even more exciting for her.

So, I said yes.

And that is how this happened…

20150925_135332 I may or may not have broken the bike chain…

Me and Mario
Just hanging out with my new friend, Mario Batali

20150925_135842 How pretentious am I, sipping my shake with my pinkie in the air? Oh look! There’s Kristina behind me!

The Chew
Sipping shakes and swapping kitchen stories with my pals at The Chew. No big deal.

Being not only part of the audience, but also part of a segment with a famous chef like Mario Batali geared me up to want to go to more shows. It also helped that we walked away with a copy of the cookbook, Zero Belly Cookbook and Brett Eldredge’s new CD, Illinois. Ready for more live audience fun, Kristina and I decided our next live audience experience would be at The Rachael Ray Show.

But you’ll have to wait until my next post to read all about that experience.


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