Sibling Time in NYC

I’m trying to limit my NYC trip posting on here. No matter how much of my heart NYC owns, this is The Real JERSEY after all. In fact, I’ve been putting off writing about this NYC trip for so long, that it dates back to the beginning of LAST month. Of course you’ll never be able to tell this by the outside pictures taken because, for some unholy reason, summer has decided to linger on in full force despite the fact that it is now September.*

*I swear, I’m not bitter. I just want fall.**

**Yes, I know fall doesn’t occur until the end of September, but if we can say it’s summer on June 1st, then gosh darn it we can say it’s fall on September 1st. You feel me?

My SIL, Sam, and I decided to surprise our fellas with tickets to see Blue Man Group. When we were in Las Vegas last year, we wanted to see Blue Man Group, but Cirque de Soleil won out. Needless to say, I was excited when Sam suggested seeing Blue Man Group in the city.


Venturing the streets of Manhattan with these two characters was…amusing.


Blue Man Group did not disappoint. Without saying too much I’ll give you a glimpse of what the room looked like when the show was over:


TP’d and it wasn’t even mischief night.

It was a feel good time filled with audience participation, loud music, lots of lights and slap stick humor. The show has a remarkable flow to it with a perfect balance of drums, artwork, music, and silliness. The only word to the wise I will make is this, leave your toddlers at home! One girl in front of us who couldn’t have been older than two ended up hiding her face in her mother’s elbow at the first strike of the drums. She then proceeded to sleep for the entire performance. Other toddlers couldn’t manage to sleep, but gave off their fair share of shrieks several times during the performance.


The theater was located near the Strand Book Store which is pretty much the most amazing bookstore you will ever meet in your life. This bookstore has been around for 86 years and has over 18 miles of books that are new, used, and rare!


Sam and I spent some time on the rare books level. I was ready to pull up a sleeping bag and spend the night leafing through old books and creating in my mind the stories of what each book’s life journey might have been.


Sorry. I had to do it.

Astor Place Theatre where Blue Man Group performed was in Union Square, one of my favorite parts of the city. (At least for today). We moseyed around after the show for as long as we could until our 8 pm dinner reservations.

20150809_185021 20150809_203852

We had dinner at Butter, which you might recall from this post where I recreated two of the amazing dishes at home.

Neither words nor photographs can do justice to the delicious meal we enjoyed. Know this, we entered hungry and left rubbing our bellies wishing we could go back and enjoy it all over again.*

Wait, was that just me?

20150809_210156 Beef Short Rib Ravioli

Roasted All-Natural Chicken

20150809_210202 Cajun Carrots

Even the vegetables at Butter are mouth watering.

Creekstone Farms “Butter Cut” Beef Filet

Raspberry Beignets with Vanilla Bean Dipping Sauce

I’m ready for another trip to The Big Apple. Who’s coming?*

*Alright, I can’t lie to you. I was just there yesterday. But I’m still ready and raring to go again!


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