Baked by Melissa


In light of an upcoming NYC weekend, I’ve decided to post about the cutest, teeny tiny cupcakes that I enjoyed in NYC a few weeks ago. While wandering Columbus Circle, the colorful “Baked by Melissa” sign grabbed my attention. There are about a dozen Baked by Melissa locations in NYC, however, this was our first time noticing one. Since I not only always have a hankering for sweets, but also for cupcakes, I jumped at the sign and dragged hubby over.

When we reached the entryway, I realized immediately that these weren’t cupcakes…they were mini cupcakes. These weren’t mini cupcakes as in small versions of regular sized cupcakes. They were mini cupcakes as in teeny weeny, teensy tiny cupcakes. Lance was ready to walk in, but I pulled him past.

“I don’t know,” I said. “It’s not what I thought…”

I had been excited at the thought of a new cupcakery with adult-sized cupcakes. On first glance, I labeled this bakery the size of a large cubicle an impostor. We walked the rest of the block, now in search of something better than teeny weeny, teensy tiny impostor cupcakes and wound up empty handed.

“Let’s just go back to the cupcake place,” Lance insisted.

Still hesitant, I turned back and headed for the teeny weeny, teensy tiny impostor cupcakery. Once back at the door, I forced hubby to walk past without entering. (What is worse than entering a store that sells literally only one thing, with one employee face to face with you the entire time, and then turning around without buying anything? #awkward, am I right?)

The cupcakes were so small that at first glace of the display case, it looked more like a chocolate shop than a cupcake shop. By this point, Lance was committed to the idea of mini cupcakes, regardless of what they looked like, so in we went.


You know that saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover?’

Yeah, I need to keep that in mind when not only trying something different but looking for something different to try. (Trust me, they are two separate things).

What I found most annoying about this particular visit was that I really love trying new things. However, I often build my excitement up too much and end up disappointed. In this case, I prepared myself for disappointment and was put in my place by the deliciousness of these bite-sized treats.

We ordered two of the following cupcakes: cookie dough, cotton candy, mint chocolate chip, red velvet, smore’s, triple chocolate fudge.


The cupcakes were surprisingly moist for their size. What I loved best was that rather than eating an entire humongous cupcake in one sitting, we were able to eat a few at a time and manage to not over stuff our selves but still have the taste of sweetness we craved.

Like most wonderful things in NYC, they were on the pricey side. The dozen we ordered were $10. They also serve mini cupcakes dipped in chocolate, which were a little more expensive.

Since our visit, they have added new flavors to their menu that I’m already salivating over.

How does sugar cookie, ice cream sundae, and lemon cupcaron* sound?

*A quick Google search informed me a cupcaron is a cupcake-macaron hybrid. What will the culinary world think of next?

Perfectly delicious. That’s what I think.


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